Other Neat Stuff

[aka, the page where i brag with press clippings]

Helped organize first national summit of bikeshare stakeholders

Designed and executed bikesharing experiment at USDOT HQ

Proposed, co-organized, and led bike commute ride with Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood

Various reactions to Virgina Tech bikesharing report (pdf)

Reviews of webinar on social equity and bikesharing at League of American Bicyclists blog and Greater Greater Washington

And this:


2 Responses to Other Neat Stuff

  1. MG says:

    Really enjoying your blog! Also, loved the DOT bikeshare experiment with your raffle bike. Hopefully you got at least a few people to take a ride on it!

    • bikepedantic says:

      Thanks! The bike got ridden a little over two trips a week avg for the 2-3 months I had it out. Gave it to a family friend who was attending AU, he used it to get to a teaching job in Columbia Heights, he’s now using it over in Milan, Italy

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