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EPA post for Bike to Work Day

This is crossposted to the EPA’s Greenversations blog, which is running series of posts by Federal employees about bike commuting for Bike to Work Week. Because I am, I do, and my awesome neighbor Jeff offered, I threw this together. Because … Continue reading

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AAA’s Minor-League Error, and Bike to Work Day

I don’t want to write this post. The upside is negligible and improbable. Since I work in the same sector as the subject, the downside is… let’s just not dwell on that. And this is going to veer away from … Continue reading

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Third option for a bike tax – do incredible stuff

Like eczema, kudzu, and Shia LaBoeuf, the odious notion of imposing a special tax on bicycling keeps popping back up, despite our best efforts to keep it down. The latest outbreak comes courtesy of the Pacific Northwest, where Washington State … Continue reading

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Bike sharing systems push to reach underrepresented groups

(crosspost to Greater Greater Washington) Bike sharing has been a huge success in many cities and received many well-deserved plaudits, but some have criticized bike sharing for not necessarily serving all segments of the population. What are bike sharing systems … Continue reading

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Encouraging Equitable Access to Public Bikesharing Systems

Somewhere in the Blacksburg-to-Arlington I-81 logistics chain, a cardboard tube is being used by a warehouse worker to playfully thwack the noggins of co-workers. That cardboard tube might still contain my diploma. Or maybe a past-due notice on my library … Continue reading

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Bikeshare Equity Framework

[Are you there, Blog? It’s me, Darren. I know it’s been awhile, because of a 100-year storm of personal, professional, and scholarly timesuck. But I know you wouldn’t want to miss this post for anything!] Increasing access to bikesharing for … Continue reading

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Bikeshare Bike to Dock Ratios

In case you couldn’t deduce from the title of this post, my previously-mentioned blogging humdrumspringa continues. Not that I was crashing servers to begin with, but I’m still holding back on posting anything remotely interesting for the time being. In … Continue reading

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