Hi.  I’m Darren Buck. I am currently wrapping up my schooling in sustainable transportation planning, with a particular focus on bikesharing. Some of my research may be found here. Come chat with me on Twitter. Or email, if you prefer:

I have had the privilege of studying under Professor Ralph Buehler. During the day, I work in transportation policy, collecting paychecks from a Federal agency involved in transportation policy.  And I have opinions about transportation policy. Yikes. My views may, and often do, differ from those of my employers. So everything stated on here represents my own personal opinions and research, and in no way is to be construed as endorsement or sponsorship by the U.S. Government, or taken as any sort of official action or direction by me. Any other necessary disclaimering is incorporated by reference herein forthwith posthaste. Phew.

Previously, I worked in the back office of a bikestore chain, served as a program manager with an employment program for people with disabilities, got an MBA, mucked around in the Chesapeake Bay doing oyster aquaculture, and some other stuff. I have a short attention span.


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