Rail~Volution Trip Wrap

A fun, if all-too-brief, trip out to Hollywood (that screwy ballyhooey Hollywood) to panel-chat about linking bikesharing and transit. Slides posted here – if you’ve been at another shindig where I’ve chatted on the same subject, you won’t find much new, except for one slide with some summary info on the demographics of Capital Bikeshare users and DC/Arlington bicyclists. That data is pinched from a paper still in draft that will be finalized in the next few weeks for another conference. Interesting stuff, says the guy posting powerpoint slides on a Friday night.

This trip was my first trip with my Brompton, carried in a soft-sided ‘B-Bag’ purchased from my chums at BicycleSPACE. It worked out extremely well for me. Kate Ryan has a rather thorough guide to thinking through your Brompton travel options, to which my only addition would be that for short trips, packing your clothes and shoes into the B-Bag not only saves you having to pack a separate bag, but gives good padding for the bike, and remains well under the 50lb limbo pole. Also, the shoulder strap on the B-Bag lets you bike to/from the airport, if so inclined.

I was traveling on a rather severe budget, so I stayed at a rather cheap motel, located a half-mile or so from the Rail~Volution venue. A happy surprise was finding my lodgings at one end of a bike boulevard, and the venue at the opposite end. Hooray for intersection traffic diverters!

Anyway, go to Rail~Volution if you ever have the chance. And definitely present if given the opportunity – I have presented 3 or 4 times on bikesharing, and the audience discussion was the most sophisticated and engaging that I have experienced to date.

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