Regular Programming Will Resume Soon

Apologies for the long bout of silence on the blog. I am under consideration for a couple of on-topic jobs, and in order to avoid (or rather, not further exacerbate) the potential for a “when keeping it real goes wrong” type of blog post, I have locked myself in long-form exile.

However, a nice banal topic to tackle is the issue of bicycling attire. Whether it is the shmackdown of a shooper-shexy bike-chic fashion show, or the bookend war on spandex, I tend to tune out the extreme ‘thou-shalts.’ No research has shown that style dictates at either extreme significantly discourage riding, and go ahead and call me myopic, but that’s where my personal interest ends. The larger issues that are raised regarding gender and sexism at both extremes are important, but there’s scant evidence that there is any significant relationship between the testosterony bike industry and low bicycle ridership.

Consider me firmly in the cyclewhatever camp. Here’s a pic I submitted awhile back, and in a pic I submitted earlier today, Fudgie the pug and I are captured slumming it on my Brompton.

Clearly, neither of our outfits will land us feature status with Mikael Colville-Andersen or Bicycling Magazine. But we’re OK with that.

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3 Responses to Regular Programming Will Resume Soon

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  2. Ericka C says:

    Awesome photo! This needs to be displayed on your blank walls at home.

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