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Bikeshare Bike to Dock Ratios

In case you couldn’t deduce from the title of this post, my previously-mentioned blogging humdrumspringa continues. Not that I was crashing servers to begin with, but I’m still holding back on posting anything remotely interesting for the time being. In … Continue reading

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Rail~Volution Trip Wrap

A fun, if all-too-brief, trip out to Hollywood (that screwy ballyhooey Hollywood) to panel-chat about linking bikesharing and transit. Slides posted here – if you’ve been at another shindig where I’ve chatted on the same subject, you won’t find much … Continue reading

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Changes in Natitude, Changes in Rackitude

As a follow-up to yesterday’s bike counting expedition to Nats Park, I decided to do it again. No, I do not have much of a social life. So, on the highly trafficked north/northeast side of the stadium, racks remained packed: … Continue reading

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Biking Natitude

[Note: This is the first of two posts on bike modeshare to Nationals Park during the NLDS. A second round of counting, collected on 10/11/12, is summarized and discussed here] In a futile bid to feel the buzz of playoff … Continue reading

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Helmetry Zealotry

You might have seen that recent NY Times piece, which presented the argument that helmet promotion did more harm than good, as it allegedly discourages bicycling by making it synonymous with catastrophic injury in the minds of the average person. … Continue reading

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Regular Programming Will Resume Soon

Apologies for the long bout of silence on the blog. I am under consideration for a couple of on-topic jobs, and in order to avoid (or rather, not further exacerbate) the potential for a “when keeping it real goes wrong” … Continue reading

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