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What happens in Vegas stays in cages

Like two incredibly boring ships passing in the night, I had some pro-forma fun with John Burke’s 5% mode share challenge at Interbike a few nights ago, while the Bureau of the Census was simultaneously releasing 2011 one-year American Community … Continue reading

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Burke, BHAGs, and Bikeshare

A million-dollar idea for whoever the tech-smartest of my six readers is — a CAPTCHA-like gizmo that bars owners of bicycle-oriented blogs from posting after a less-than-stellar workday and commute. Please pardon today’s extra dose of cynicism. Out in Las … Continue reading

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Improving Bikeshare Operations, Marketing, and Ridership – Heartwarming Graduation Edition

Just for a moment, put yourself in the place of an advocate trying to get people riding a bicycle more often, a public health official concerned with women’s health, a local bike shop trying to push back against Big Bike’s … Continue reading

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It pushes the button to cross the street, or my windshield it will meet

So yes, I hate pedestrian crossing buttons. Nothing says “cars über alles” like imposing the dehumanizing condition of having to locate and push a germ-ridden button in order to simply get from one side of the street to the other. … Continue reading

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Bicycle-Friendly Business Districts

A couple of weeks ago, I was kvetching to a small business owner in Alexandria about the lack of bicycle parking near their location (yeah, I’m a joy to travel with). He shrugged, gestured to the adjacent storefronts, and said, … Continue reading

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Bikeshare is to bike lanes, as Peyton is to the Colts

In isolation, neither is too shabby (pending Mr. Manning’s ability to cut that meat in tonight’s Broncos v Steelers matchup). But together, a well-oiled bikeride/touchdown-producing machine. The chart below shows a simple scatterplot of total bike lane volume within half … Continue reading

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Measuring bikeshare performance — defining “success”

As a follow-up to the alternately captivating and disturbing transcription of my 12-minute interrogatory of an invisible seated Terry Bellamy yesterday, I’ve decided that a post on the super-sexy subject of bikeshare performance measurement is just the thing to seal … Continue reading

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