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Women Cycling – Rambling on About Research

The National Women’s Bicycling Summit is coming up fast. And while I am not exactly in the target demographic, I am disappointed that I cannot afford to go. The question of why women disproportionately do not ride bicycles, and what interventions might … Continue reading

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Small CaBi Reality Check

Capital Bikeshare has, by most any reasonable measure, been a rousing success. And there’s a ton of great anecdotes out there as to how it is bringing about a sea-change in bicycling (my favorite bike convert story leads this post). … Continue reading

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Bollard Design Guidance

Here in DC, bollards spring up in some paradoxically-unique spots, where they are most likely to impede or injure bicyclists, yet least likely to encounter and prevent incursion by any automobiles. The standard for bollard placement appears to be, “Bollards … Continue reading

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Improving Bikeshare Operations, Marketing, and Ridership – Weekend Fob Edition

Late last week, a nice piece of Capital Bikeshare news dribbled out on DCist, stating in part: ..the program mailed 35,000 residents in wards 7 and 8 a $25 discount to the program. Josh Moskowitz, Bikeshare Program Manager with the … Continue reading

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A Cheatsheet for a Bikeshare Requirement

Government and innovation are not mutually exclusive (no, really). But because the government is spending the public’s money (or leasing/selling its assets), it’s just a bit harder than whipping out a corporate Amex to do some “solutioneering.” Bikesharing is new, … Continue reading

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Piling On Walk Score

Twitter user WalkFarce is the latest to get in on America’s favorite pastime — pointing out the anecdotal evidence that Walk Score is, at best, imperfect.  The janitor at ESRI could probably tell you that measuring network distance instead of … Continue reading

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The Rail~Volution Will Not be Monetized

I’m headed to Rail Approximate Volution (or Rail~Volution for short) in LA in October to sit on a bikesharing panel, where I’ll try to not embarass myself in the company of highly-credentialed co-presenters like Dr. Susan Shaheen of UC Berkeley. I … Continue reading

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